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Euro / dollar exchanging rate makes the USA very pleasant to stay
Posted by Pim ter Linde , June 12 at 08:39
In order to avoid the disastrous consequences of the American giant breakfasts, we had rented mountain bikes to drive through Miami. And also to get a little more exercises, we took with us our Nordic Walk sticks. This is still a little unknown in the USA. A stunned American on the beaches of South Beach: "You need snow for that!".

As I said it's a pleasant place to stay at this moment with a € / $ rate of around 1.60. In the giant Apple store on Lincoln Road, it seems as if they give things away for nothing. The beautiful thin Macbook Air and the iPod Touch sell like hotcakes, except our very much wanted iPhone which was not available the whole week..

So then you seek for a little comfort-eating. And where can you do this better than Joe's Stone Crab Restaurant on Washington Avenue. According to all guide-books the very best stone crab restaurant of entire Florida. There are only 2 problems: It is very expensive and you can not make a reservation.
The first problem was solved with the dollar reasonably pleasant low but a normal waiting time of 3 hours did not appeal to us. Our favourite guide "The Unofficial Guide of South Florida" brought the solution: try their lunch or else start your dinnertime at 17.00. So we did, on our bikes, that were parked (without lifting a muscle) by the valet parking boys. It was already packed with waiting people but we could join the 1st shift. The "Ter Linde-Party" for table 56. You don’t know what you see. The restaurant has 453 seats but spread over different areas so it absolutely doesn’t give a massive impression. The cold stone crabs from Joe: highly recommended. Like the Key Lime pie. Also the very best of Florida.

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