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Strongly recommended: breakfast at Hotel El Fuerte*****
Posted by Pim ter Linde , June 12 at 08:36
For our bank in Spain we needed an official document to show that we are registrated as 'extranjeros'. It starts very modern, because you can download the application form via the Internet(!). But then you'll go to Spain in the last century. Previous century? Before the First World War! You have to sign up with your internet application to the Commissioner of Police in Marbella. You have to be there early, because at 08.30 hours the following numbers are issued. To our great surprise there was a row at the police station of 60 meters. You must go there 2x. The 1st time to deliver the application and after 10 days again to receive the official form.

The 1st time we were there at 08.15 hours, we received number 30 and were supposed to be called in at 13.00. So we thought when we went for the 2nd time let’s go a quarter of an hour earlier. We were rewarded with number 87. So, logically, we concluded that we had enough time to do something else. A breakfast in the nearby Hotel El Fuerte seemed a good idea.

The restaurant manager led us to a perfect table with sea view. The buffet was copious. We had all the time and we took this time. Delicious! It struck us that there was no way of registration, not at the entrance and the waiter informed only if everything was alright with us. When we left the restaurant the restaurant manager wished us a pleasant day in Marbella. At the exit there was a hostess with a service survey. If we would be so kind to fill this form. We only could be very complimentary. In particular, the price / quality ratio of the breakfast, we awarded with the maximum number of points.

Back at the police station number 87 had already been called for. But our "I do not understand look" (hello Beatriz) rescued us and we were allowed to come in. The form cost € 6.70 and we wanted to pay this amount with pleasure. That was intentional, but that amount had to be paid at a bank 1200 meters away. Back from the bank - it was a nice walk - our form had disappeared. "You just had it." "Yes, but now it is gone." We felt in our back the eyes of the row waiting behind us. After half an hour of searching the Chef decided to make a new form. But that still had to be signed by the Commissioner. Are you there ? Well, we also, and again another hour. But then we finally had the form.

The Commissioner of Police in Marbella and his shop has urgently to adapt to modern times. Let them go in the teachings at Hotel El Fuerte. There they know how to receive extranjeros. And we think that we should continue to stay this. EXTRANJEROS. A name for heroes.
And now also officially!

Back in line please!

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